Cosplay makeup essentials:How to use the eyelash curler

Cosplay makeup essentials
The booming online shopping has provided great convenience for anime fans, and everyone has saved a lot of effort on costume props. However, the fun of Cosplay is to complete the satisfaction of the role-playing, and makeup is the essential basic skill for Coser. Cos’s makeup is different from other ordinary makeup, not only to beautify itself, but also to make it as close as possible to the original shape by makeup.

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Cosplay makeup essentials
What is the basic makeup essential?
Concealer, foundation, loose powder, and glitter are all essentials for makeup. Simply using BB cream to create a base is not enough. Although BB cream can hide and brighten the skin, it does not completely cover many problems of the skin. On the contrary, it will expose many problems of the skin.
How many foundation products do you need to buy?
The foundation basically has two colors, one dark color and one light color. The dark foundation is used to make the foundation, and the light color is used to brighten the bridge of the nose, T area, tibia, upper eyelid and chin. , high light can make the face makeup more three-dimensional.
What is the method of making foundation?

short bob wig cosplay wigs for women
short bob wig cosplay wigs for women

Generally, with the help of a sponge and a puff, after taking the foundation, gently pat the face evenly. If the skin is used, the skin will not be eaten into the foundation, and the particles of the foundation will be thick on the face, affecting the entire makeup.
Three makeup essentials
1. For the base, there is a special concealer. The concealer is a kind of foundation. Its hiding power is better than that of the foundation. It can last for a long time. It is very suitable for the skin. If it is not concealed. Under the condition of the cream, you can use the foundation brush to draw the foundation and gently brush it off in the area that needs to be covered.

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2. Make-up loose powder has a good effect on fixing makeup. In order to avoid frequent makeup, you can use the puff to take loose powder evenly on the face, set the makeup for the whole makeup, and further improve the base work. This is a very necessary step.
3. In addition to brightening the high-gloss to create a three-dimensional effect, the bright powder can also cover the concealer for parts that are easy to oil, such as the eyes and nose and nose, etc. It has become less.

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cosplay wigs for women

How to use the foundation
1. Put the foundation on the palm of your hand and gently rub it evenly with the temperature of your fingertips. This will increase the affinity of the foundation and make it softer and more skin-friendly when applied to the skin.
2. When using the liquid foundation, apply the liquid foundation to the area to be covered and bottomed, then spread it evenly with your fingers to completely cover the face.
3. After you have finished the makeup on the entire face, use your fingers to gently push the residue around the eyes and the sides of the nose, as well as the ruled lines. Then use a sponge to help absorb the excess liquid foundation and apply evenness to the face. .
Cosplay Eye Makeup Essentials

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What is the makeup for eye makeup?
Only one eyeliner is definitely not enough, such as eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, eyebrow powder, eyeliner, eyebrow cream, etc., which are commonly used in eye makeup. In addition, a thin eyeliner is needed. Liquid pen, it can not only draw eyeliner, but also draw a variety of special makeup effects.
What is the color selection principle of eye makeup?
The choice of color is determined according to the character image. Sometimes there are special requirements for clothing and hair coloring. It is necessary to make small changes. At this time, you can choose a box of eyeshadows with multiple colors. There are basically 8 colors of eye shadows. Can meet the needs.

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cosplay wigs with two braids golden highlight blonde hairs

What is the technique of drawing eyeliner?
The eyeliner of most anime characters is very obvious. There are special cases that will also exaggerate the eyeliner. If you are unsure of the position and direction of the eyeliner, you can use the eyebrow brush or eyebrow pencil to gently draw the approximate range and area of ​​the eyeliner. Finally, Fill it with an eyeliner.
Three eye makeup essentials
1. In the eye makeup, you must first do a good job of eye-catching work. When using eye shadow, you can use the color from light to dark to smudge over and over again, and draw on the shape of the eyelid, in the brow and eye. The silkworm and the lower eye can be brightened with bright powder.
2. After the eye shadow is finished, use the eyeliner to draw the eyeliner along the root of the eyelash. The corner of the eye can be used for natural finishing. The edging is also a way of drawing the eyeliner. It can be taken to the lower half of the lower eyeliner. Effect.
3. You can’t just use one or two eye shadow brushes. You need to prepare a few brushes of different sizes. Large brushes are used to make a large area and smudge work. Small brushes are used to make subtle eye shadow changes. deal with.

How to use the eyelash curler
1. The eyelash curler can make the original eyelashes grow and curl. Use a good quality eyelash curler. Pay attention to the cleanliness and damage of the rubber on the clip. If it becomes dirty or cracked, it must be cleaned and replaced in time.
2. When placing the eyelashes, place the eyelash curler in the middle of the eyelashes, then gently pry it up for 5 to 8 seconds and then release it. Do not use force clips, which will easily damage the eyelashes.
3. You can’t apply mascara before the eyelashes. If you apply mascara and then use the eyelash curler to clip the eyelashes, the mascara will stick to the clip and the eyelashes will stick off, so the correct step is to first clip the eyelashes. Then apply mascara.